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Contact:   D. Bentley  478-929-7895

               C. Adams  478-929-7895

Faculty Sponsor/Contact- Mrs. Bentley & Ms. Adams

Membership Requirement- Students who have earned the following final, end of the year grades and have met or exceeded the expectations for conduct (i.e. "Conduct of Beta Members" below) during the previous school year will be eligible to join the PSES Jr. Beta Club:  1) an "A" in science, social studies, language arts and math) no grade lower than a "B" or an "S" in any other subject.  No "Unsatisfactory" or "Needs Improvement" will be allowed for any class.

Current Beta members must maintain "A's" and "B's".  Nine weeks' grades and end of the year grades will be reviewed for all current members.  Those who have grades lower than a "B" will be put on probation for one grading period.  If at the end of that grading period the student once again meets academic requirements, he or she will be reinstated.  However, if grades have not improved to the standards outlined above, the student will be dropped from membership for the remainder of his/her enrollment at PSES.  An "F" on any subject will cause the student to be dropped from membership immediately, effective for the remainder of his/her enrollment at PSES.

Financial Obligations/Dues- A fee will be determined to include national dues as well as a local fee.

Mission/Purpose:  to promote the ideals of academic, character, service, and leadership among elementary and secondary students.