Contact:  Sylvia Mitchell 478-929-7895

Faculty Sponsor/Contact: Sylvia Mitchell

Membership Requirement: Students must maintain good academic standing in all subject areas. Students must be reading at the following reading levels: 3rd grade – at or above M, 4th grade at or above P, 5th grade at or above S. Students adhere to book club rules. Students must do their at home reading assignments. Most importantly, students MUST have a love for reading and discussing books!

Mission/purpose: The mission/purpose of the Breakfast with Books club is to encourage reading and discourse amongst students to instill and foster lifelong connoisseurs of good books!

Planned Activities: Students will meet once a month to enjoy a delectable breakfast while discussing grade level books they have read. Intermittently, they will log on to a secure website and respond to a group discussion about their readings.